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Family Name IceCold ReLoaded
Main Classification Hack Tool
Release Version 1.0
Author JunkCode
Origin India 🇮🇳
Language C
Release Date Dec, 2003, 20 years, 7 months ago.

Family Description

This hack tool perform denial of service attacks, specifically targeting MSN Messenger accounts to prevent access. The methodology behind this was straightforward: it involved repeatedly attempting to log in to a target account with an incorrect password numerous times per second. This continuous flood of failed login attempts would result in the account being locked.

Users of the tool were required to enter the email address associated with the target MSN account and then initiate the attack by clicking a "Freeze" button. This action not only locked the targeted MSN account but also affected the linked Microsoft Account. Renowned for its effectiveness, this tool gained substantial popularity in the mid-2000s.

Moreover, it was leveraged as a means for social engineering, aiming to deceive users into surrendering their passwords. When an account was frozen, MSN Messenger would inaccurately notify the user that their password was invalid, rather than indicating the account had been locked due to excessive failed login attempts. Opportunists exploited this misleading message, convincing users to disclose their passwords under the pretense of assisting in unlocking their accounts.

Key Features

Feature Name Dangerousness Key Categories
Denial Of Service / DDoS High Alteration, Disruption

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Freezer MSN Messenger