About Malware Gallery / A Journey Through Time

Welcome to the virtual museum dedicated to the rich history of malware. It offers a detailed reference to notorious malware families, notable releases, and the authors behind them, complete with images and background information.

This platform is inspired by what I affectionately call the "Malware Golden Age" – a period when malware creation was driven by a small group of passionate individuals. These pioneers in the field saw malware not merely as a tool for financial gain or destruction but as a means to learn, innovate, and showcase their skills and creativity. It was an era where crafting malware was like playing a video game, offering a more playful and exploratory approach to what was then an emerging domain. My goal with this website is to evoke a sense of nostalgia and provide insight into the malware that shaped the internet landscape during the 90s and the first decade of the 2000s.

Whether you are a veteran of the old scene, a newcomer to cybersecurity, or simply someone curious , this project invites you to explore and appreciate a unique piece of digital history.

A heartfelt thank you to

For helping me fill the memory gaps and/or providing some lost media and resources.

The archive serves as a partial reconstruction of the once-active Mega Security website (also known as Kobayashi), which went offline a decade ago. The original purpose of Mega Security was to amass projects related to malware, often featuring new hacking tools or Remote Administration Tools (RATs), colloquially referred to as the Trojan Database. During that era, malware authors frequently submitted their creations to the owner of Mega Security, seeking to showcase their work on the site as a mark of prestige. Mega Security cataloged thousands of samples, spanning from the 1990s to the early 2000s. Fortuitously, I was able to recover a significant portion of their database, offering a treasure trove for those nostalgic for the "good old days." As time progresses, select samples from the Mega Security archive will be made available in the Malware Gallery, further enriching the experience with a taste of cybersecurity history.

It's important to note that detailed notes from Mega Security or those submitted by the authors themselves are not immediately accessible. This is a deliberate choice, aiming to safeguard against the dissemination of potentially harmful content.

All credits go to the retired Mega Security staff for the sample information found in the archive section of the website.

My Writings / A Malware Retrospective

In 2023, I embarked on crafting a series of articles titled "A Malware Retrospective." This series delves into the fascinating stories behind some of the most infamous malware projects from the past, featuring exclusive interviews with their original creators. If you're keen to uncover these hidden gems and explore the minds behind the malware, I invite you to follow me on Medium to ensure you don't miss any upcoming stories.

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A malware retrospective: PrjRAPTOR

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A malware retrospective: SubSeven

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A malware retrospective: The Beast RAT

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FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Can malware samples be downloaded or accessed?

Malware samples cannot be downloaded from this web application for obvious reasons. We are not providing access to malicious tools but rather documenting these samples. Sharing malware samples, even very old ones, is most of the time considered illegal.

Are there any exceptions to the rule against sharing malware samples?

Generally, no. However, you're welcome to contact me, and we can explore if there's a viable solution.

Can I contribute to the project by providing my own collected samples?

Not at the moment, as I currently have thousands of samples that I'm processing progressively in my free time. However, I am considering releasing a tool in the near future that will allow you to easily create your own sample snapshots for this project.

Do you plan to extend this concept to include new malware?

It's not ruled out. Currently, my focus is entirely on the core concept of the website, which is to showcase old malware that had a significant impact on the scene. In the future, extending the concept to include new malware is a possibility, provided they meet certain criteria. This website is akin to an art gallery; malware from the past was considered an art form, distinguished by its uniqueness. Today, they often appear quite similar, losing some of that individual artistic expression.

I recognize myself as the creator of one of the samples referenced on the site. What should I do?

If you can prove you are the author of one of the referenced samples, I would be happy to redact any personal information that may be present. Additionally, if you wish to provide more details about your former work, I am open to incorporating them. Should you be interested in contributing to the "Malware Retrospective" series, I would be pleased to send you a set of questions to learn more about your insights.

However, since your samples have been made public, only personal information can be removed. The sample information itself, including name, version, author nickname, features, images, etc., cannot be removed.

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